Garage liability insurance is similar to general liability insurance that most businesses require except that it is specialized coverage for those who sell and repair cars, trucks, motorcycles, RVs or trailers.  Other businesses that should have garage liability insurance include:

  • Service stations;
  • Tow truck operators;
  • Detailing operations;
  • Auto glass installers;
  • Vehicle painting and pinstriping operations; and
  • Sound repair and installation shops

In the same way that commercial liability offers protection from accidents such as slip and falls or damaged product, garage liability insurance also protects business owners from claims arising from premise and operations as well as products and completed operations.

Garage liability insurance differs from standard commercial liability insurance in that garage liability also provides protection for vehicles used during the garage business’ operations.

While garage liability coverage protects vehicles owned by the insured business, it does not extend protection to customer cars left on the premises for service or repair. Coverage for customer’s property falls under garage keepers’ insurance, which is often sold with garage liability to provide more comprehensive coverage to dealers and repair shops.  Garage keepers insurance covers damage to customer property for specific losses such as fire, theft, vandalism, collision or overturn.

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