Commercial Insurance Keeps Your Livelihood Protected

If you own or manage a business or company, it is essential that you maintain quality commercial insurance for protection. Different types of businesses require different types of commercial policy. Whatever your business and insurance needs, Lozes Insurance Agency can provide a commercial insurance policy that will keep you secured against the unexpected. Our agents serve clients in Mandeville, Denham Springs, Laplace, and surrounding Louisiana communities. Get in touch with us to discuss a commercial insurance policy that helps you achieve greatness with peace of mind.

The Various Types of Commercial Insurance

Once a Lozes Insurance Agency gains an understanding of your business’ operational structure, financing, employee setup, and other specifics, we can begin to build a policy for you with the right coverage limits and monthly premiums. First, it is important that you understand the basic divisions of commercial insurance.

General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance protects your business when someone is injured or their property is damaged and your company or employees are liable. In addition to providing financial coverage for medical care and property replacement, liability insurance will provide coverage for legal fees if you are sued.

Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial property insurance protects your commercial property and buildings against damage. It also protects the commercial property within your buildings, including equipment, product inventory, electronics, and more. Commercial property insurance protects your business against damage from certain weather-related events (such as hail or fire) and against damage caused by employees or other people, such as theft or vandalism.

 Worker’s Compensation Insurance

Worker’s compensation is a legally required type of insurance for any business with employees. This type of coverage provides financial compensation when an employee is injured while at work or in a work-related activity. Worker’s comp pays out the employee or employees and provides coverage for legal fees if the business is sued.

Umbrella Insurance

For all the commercial insurance needs that are not covered through liability, property and worker’s comp insurance, there is umbrella insurance. A Lozes Insurance Agency professional can help you determine if an additional umbrella policy is necessary to keep you protected.

Protect Your Business Venture Today

Whatever type of business you own or operate, commercial insurance is of utmost importance. Insurance protects all that you have worked for when things fail to go as planned. The Lozes Insurance Agency team offers complimentary consultations and commercial insurance quotes. If your business operates in Mandeville, Denham Springs, Laplace, or surrounding communities, contact us to get started today.