Flood Insurance Protects You Against a Common Natural Disaster

A flood can cause serious devastation when it comes to your home. Many homeowners are unaware that traditional homeowners insurance does not provide protection for damages caused by flooding. Flood insurance is a separate policy that must be purchased in addition to your regular home insurance. When it comes to federally backed mortgages like FHA and VA loans, flood insurance is required. Flooding is the most common natural disaster that occurs in the U.S. Don’t get caught unprotected. If you live in Mandeville, New Orleans, Metairie, or surrounding Louisiana communities, contact Lozes Insurance Agency about a flood insurance policy now.

About the National Flood Insurance Program

The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) was developed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to help reduce the level of physical and financial havoc flooding can wreak on certain high-risk areas in Louisiana and across the U.S. In addition to supporting communities in Mandeville, New Orleans, and surrounding areas with flood protection infrastructure, the NFIP provides backing for flood insurance policies to help keep premiums more affordable. While they are backed through the NFIP, they are funded through private insurers like Lozes Insurance Agency.

Who Needs Flood Insurance?

Virtually anywhere in the U.S. is susceptible to flooding in certain circumstances. Homes in designated high-risk areas (called Special Flood Hazard areas) may seem in more obvious need flood insurance, but those in moderate- to low-risk areas should also consider coverage. Flood insurance through the NFIP is available to homeowners whose property lies within a National Flood Insurance Program-participating community. It is important to note that both renters and homeowners can purchase insurance.

To purchase flood insurance, you must work through a private insurance agent, like Lozes Insurance Agency. A Lozes Insurance agent can help you determine if you qualify for an NFIP-backed policy.

What Does Flood Insurance Protect?

We can create flood insurance policy that works for your needs and your budget. Most flood insurance policies offer separate coverage limits for the structure of your home and for its contents (your belongings). Building property insurance (structural coverage) covers your building and foundation, electrical and plumbing systems, certain permanently installed fixtures, and debris removal. Personal property insurance (contents coverage) protects your personal belongings, portable appliances, and certain valuable items like artwork. Most flood insurance policies can be purchased for well under $1,000 a year.

The Extra Protection You Need Against a Flood

If you live in Mandeville, New Orleans, Metairie, or surrounding Louisiana communities, it is important that you at least consider flood insurance. At Lozes Insurance Agency, we can handle all your insurance needs to protect your family against the unexpected. Contact us to discuss your unique insurance needs and receive a quote.